8 Memes That Represent Clinical Year


The Office

This first meme serves 2 purposes:

1) the first time you do something you were taught in school, you’re probably going to look like an idiot… but its ok, you’re here to learn. Embrace it, learn, and move on.

2) There will be times when you’re “afraid” and “petrified”; those times will get easier for you, but they will never completely go away.





When the drug reps come or the doctor invites you to eat at the cafeteria, take advantage and eat the food.


Scrubs 2


There will be hard preceptors who will question your thinking. They will push you mentally to the limits.  You might be called an idiot; it happens. Have tough skin and learn every chance you get.


Scrubs 3


While medicine is always serious, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it (when it’s appropriate).


Parks and Rec

This moment will happen, and it will keep happening. Just keep your head up, put a smile on your face, knock and enter.


Office I understand

No matter how much you know, you don’t actually know anything. You’ll forget more than you’ll ever know. And when your preceptor asks, “What is the pathophysiology of *insert some disease you’ve never heard of*?”, don’t be afraid to say, “I understand nothing.”



This one reminds me specifically of the time my preceptor asked me to do bilateral carpal tunnel injections. He explained to me how to do the procedure, then said, “Don’t worry; worst case you bag her median nerves.” Accept the challenge because you may not get the opportunity to do it again.


Then when you finally think you’ve made it…

Always Sunny


Dylan, Class of 2019