Day 25: Pharmacology

This is an adventure into unknown words, classes, and categories. Thankfully, you have an amazing guide.  She has all the answers and an enthusiastic desire to share this information.  The cost is significant! Quizzes, Tests, and Challenges are the only currency welcome in Pharmalot.  The key to successfully traversing this kingdom and gathering currency is daily attention to the subject matter.  Take 30 minutes or 1 hour each day to learn.  This course builds each day.  The only way to stay on pace is to review each day.  Don’t wait for a quiz or test!!!! It will be too late!!!  Remember, your guide has all the answers, and the only days she is not available or willing to help you is on days where there is an opportunity to gain currency.

Have courage and be brave!  190 souls have successfully traversed Pharmalot under the guidance of Dr Murfin.  She will challenge you, but never without support.  All the information you are tested on is presented to you.  There is a tremendous amount of information that she takes special care to present in an organized fashion.  As you begin your journey, the first dragon you must slay is the terrible Antibiotic.  Study…..Study…. Study…..  Oh, did I say study!!!!! Class of 2020 you can do this.  Remember there are 38 of you and only two Pharmacology courses.  Each of you has talents and experiences that will make you successful citizens of Pharmalot… Band together.

I wish you an amazing journey.  Thank you Dr Murfin.

Shanda Felton, Class of 2019