Capes and Masks and Zombies…Oh My!

It’s October; an autumnal chill is in the air, and the White Coat Ceremony is so close we can almost taste it! There were times when it felt like fall would never get here, but at the same time it doesn’t feel as if ten months have passed since we first walked through the doors of the Francis Center.

We had a fun-filled summer of Surgery and Emergency Medicine, but don’t worry, no one got hurt…

Well, almost no one…just kidding! No PA students were harmed in the making of these pictures.

In addition to splinting and casting, we learned how to tie surgical knots and practiced suturing on pigs’ feet. It was great to get some hands-on learning; stepping away from the textbooks and into the lab always feels like stepping closer to clinicals and actually practicing medicine. In all of our classes this fall we’re being asked to think how we will apply all the knowledge we’ve obtained, and to ask ourselves the difficult questions about medical ethics and how we will use our influence once we have the authority and respect that comes with the title PA-C.

We had an amazing turnout for the Great Cape Escape! Almost 300 runners participated, and there were zombies, runners, and superheroes of all shapes and sizes everywhere! Thanks to the tireless efforts of our incredible co-coordinators Selby and Michael, the race was a huge success.

The day dawned clear and sunny, and the excitement was tangible as everyone gathered outside the Francis Center to begin the festivities. Just before the race was about to start, however, zombies attacked!

Things were a little dicey for a while, but luckily we had an army of superheroes to save the day! Once the crisis was averted, the race commenced, and hundreds of runners took off on a scenic course around Elon’s campus.

A few zombies managed to sneak onto the course, but the superheroes kept them in check and everyone had fun.


There was a 5k and a 10k, and one of our own—doing double duty as a zombie/runner—placed first in the women’s overall in the 5k. Congratulations Karen!

As the runners rounded the corner to the finish line, they were greeting by a cheering crowd and a live band, then they got to relax and enjoy water and snacks, made all the more enjoyable by the stylish new medals they received. And, lest I forget, there were also superdogs around to save the day if necessary, providing plenty of cuteness to motivate the runners!


I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all of the volunteers who made the race possible, doing everything from face painting, setting up, and organizing the Fun Run to manning the water stations and keeping runners (myself included) from getting lost on the course. We also had some fantastic participation and support from friends and family, and at the race’s conclusion we were able to announce that we raised 17,000 dollars for the Open Door Clinic of Alamance County. Overall it was a great day for a great cause!


Be sure to check out the Great Cape Escape Facebook page for more pictures and a great video!