GCE, PA Week and Being Ready for What’s Next!

First off, of course I have to start with a huge shout-out to our Great Cape Escape team! Shannon, Meredith and Dr. Bennett worked tirelessly and pulled off an amazing race, in which we raised $25,000 for the Open Door Clinic of Alamance county. Their effort and passion have really helped make a difference as did all of the runners and sponsors. It truly takes a small army to organize this event and to make such a huge difference for this community. True superheros indeed! Here is a link to an Elon E-Net news with some more details! https://www.elon.edu/E-Net/Article/166546

Another month down and one month closer to clinical rotations! Our white coat ceremony is only 8 weeks away which is mind-blowing and intimidating all at once. This module has been so different compared to the previous ones and, in my opinion, one of the most enjoyable so far.

In the previous modules we learned a lot of this same information but it was all in a bubble. There was a class where we learned medications, a class where we learned the diseases and another class where we learned disease processes. We learned it all at the same time but the sheer volume of information made it hard to process everything as a whole. Advanced Clinical Reasoning is really helping bring together all of the learning that we’ve been doing this year and helping us think critically about how we’re going to apply this mountain of information to the individual patient. There’s always a concern as we move on to the next part of the process that somehow we aren’t truly prepared; and doubt can be hard to shake. We’ve learned so much but am I ready?

Well now at least I can say that even if I’m a little intimidated I am more than ready. And so, so excited! ACR has really helped to boost my confidence and reinforce just how much we really have learned this year. I don’t think I’m the only one! The excitement at the Fran is palpable as we prepare for the next step to come. After tackling the monster that has been the didactic year I think that all of us are chomping at the bit to take on our next great challenge. 

In the meantime we’re also preparing for the incoming class of 2021! We’re so excited to meet you all and we have a special blog event planned to start on November 1st! All 37 students of the class of 2020 will be writing a blog post, one of which will be posted every day leading up to our White Coat Ceremony on December 7th. This was something that, as an incoming student, I really loved and am excited to continue, so look forward to that in 3 weeks!

It is at this point in the year that I feel really reflective and grateful for what we have so far accomplished and the people who have made that possible.  This week is national PA week and this program is so well represented by PAs and other professionals who truly advocate for us and do everything in their power to help us succeed in a very challenging environment. In the last few weeks I have really been able to see all of the carefully orchestrated pieces falling into place that have prepared us for clinicals and helped us hone in on skills that we will need for the rest of our careers. So we will keep pushing on until our next step and we look forward to seeing our Class of 2021, January will be here before we know it!