In the wise words of University of Georgia’s  linebacker Davin Bellamy to Baker Mayfield… “humble yourself”

For those of you who did not pick up on the reference… I am encouraging you to be kind. As a student, you are a guest. You are visiting a generous hospital /clinic that is willing to allow a puppy dog of a student follow their every move for 6 weeks. (Which reminds me, as a general rule keep a solid 3 feet between your preceptor and yourself. There are obvious exceptions to this rule but no one enjoys someone breathing down their neck for 6 weeks.) You are a guest, so act like one and use your manners. Yes sir/ma’am, please, and thank you’s will go a long way. This extends not only to your preceptor but also the office staff. Nurses and CMAs can make your stay very enjoyable. For example, when the doctor is yelling for some obscure instrument that they needed yesterday they are a beautiful resource. Not only are they a wealth of medical knowledge, they generally know where the best snacks are stashed in the hospital. After your 6 week stay, I encourage you to write a thank you note to your preceptor and/or the office staff. It is a nice, easy, and genuine gesture of gratitude.