Making it into PA school was the biggest goal I had throughout my entire undergraduate experience. Almost everything that I did revolved around how I could make myself a better prospect for when the time came to shine and submit those dreaded applications on CASPA.

But once I found myself sitting in room 236 of the Francis Center, my mentality had to change. I could no longer get everything done myself and still have fun for the things I liked to do. The month of January seemed so overwhelming with all the new things we had to learn. Every word and every detail seemed important and it was hard not to try to memorize it all.

But then came Clin Med, that created the great perspective I have now. If I tried to keep up with everything I did in January, I would drown. I found relief through classmates, my fellow peers that were going through the same thing as me. No one quite understands what it’s like to be in PA school until they have actually gone through it. I found myself splitting up the work load, trusting others to make study guides, which was the complete opposite of how I operated in undergrad. To my very surprise, my grades did not suffer, and I was actually happier. I had more time to do the things I enjoyed again.

I’m not ashamed to say I never read every page that was assigned. Nor am I ashamed in saying that I spent most of my Fridays with friends. I still learned a great deal from school, but most of all, I learned the ability to let those around me help — something that will be expected of all of us as we become members of the medical profession. Good luck class of 2019.