I was recently scrubbing myself very hard in the shower to clean off the grease from my engine in which I had just covered myself. This gave me some time to look around and ponder life. In a rare moment of thoughtfulness, I noticed that my bottle of facewash was nearing the end of its rope. I know that I may not strike you as a much of a facewash-haver, and I know that if I am very honest with myself, I don’t really have very much face to wash. But I have a bottle of facewash all the same. It makes me feel a little more human.  So there I was looking at this facewash, pondering its inevitable end, when I realized that it had been bought it during one of my first grocery store runs at the beginning of the year. That meant that this little bottle almost perfectly reflected my time in the classroom in PA school. The sands of time were represented in every gritty, blue, amorphous drop of Neutrogena for Men.  And with this realization came another bit of insight. This year has been really difficult at times, but that facewash has washed the grime off my nose and upper cheeks after more wonderful moments this year than I can even recall. It has cleansed deep down to the pores after snatching intramural championships away from unsuspecting undergrads and after adventuring on abandoned islands. It gave me that tingly clean feeling after having incredible conversations with very dear friends, and after celebrating achievements of which I didn’t know I was capable. Looking at this bottle of facewash, I saw in myself the tendency to wish life away. Just under the surface, I have often had the mindset this year that “I just have to make it through this exam,” or “things will be so much easier when this spring semester is over.” All the while I was growing, experiencing life in abundance, and learning amazing things, and I won’t ever have the chance to experience this time again. This is my only advice. Take it from the facewash, and don’t wish your life away.