PA school is like this crazy adventure I signed up for without really knowing exactly what I had gotten myself into until a few months in. That’s not to say it hasn’t been really fun and I that I haven’t learned a ridiculous amount of information, but it has definitely tested some limits at times. For me, the person who has really helped me through the tough times over the past year has been my mom, who coincidentally happens to be a PA. She knows how hard it can be and how sleep deprived we all are, but she always tells me to remember to take time for myself. I’ve always been of the mentality that anything less than an A is failing, and she is good at reminding me that it’s ok to make a B or a B+ if it means keeping my sanity. She reminds me to celebrate every win and task completed and soak up every minute of free time I get, because PA school is really about balance. Learn all the things and do all the work because it’s important, but the only way to make it out with our sanity is to remember to take the time to just be your normal self (not hopped up on caffeine and Chinese food) whenever you can.