So, you’ve made it into PA school, you’re really excited (rightfully so!), but you have no idea what to expect. Well to boil it down there’s a lot of studying and a bunch of tests and you feel overwhelmed most of the time. BUT there is a way to keep sane and you really need to keep your sanity or PA school burnout will occur. So to do so you should try to abide by these simple rules:

Rule number one: keep the reason for why you wanted to become a PA always in your mind. If you let it slip, your will to study (and not go directly to Netflix when you get home) will dwindle away. The light at the end of the tunnel is there, no matter how dim the light is.

Rule number two: “Teamwork makes the dream work”. Get a group of fellow students and divide and conquer the work. You are all working toward the same goal and there is no need for each of you to create a study guide for all the lectures. Start working as a team at the beginning and cement those practices early.

Rule number three: Take a break, you deserve it! I left one day a week as my “rest” day. I got to look forward to that day every week. Watch Netflix, go on a hike, spend time with family, and DON’T TOUCH YOUR SCHOOL WORK. Your brain will thank you.

Rule number four: Don’t forget to be healthy. Yes, you are becoming health professionals and you know what you are supposed to do but actually do those things. Exercise and throw some fruits and vegetables into your life. Exercise helps reduce your stress and will help you retain the information they are dumping on you.  So work it into your daily schedule and soon enough it’s a habit!

So, you can do this! And if all else fails call your mentor or your mom. We got your back!

-Paige O.