If there were one piece of advice I wish someone told me before starting PA school, it would be on how to manage your time in order to avoid falling into a stressful pit of despair.  Ok so maybe that was a bit dramatic, but let’s face it stress and time management are two very big elements in PA school and while each one of us is going to be different on how we handle it, I’d like to share some tricks I learned along the way. One of the best things I started doing was actively organizing my notes into the format that I would later study them in, be it a chart, flashcards, or a word document, as I was initially taking them during the lecture. The multitasking took some getting used to but it ended up saving me hours of time, which I used to watch Netflix… I mean study. Another suggestion I have would be to set aside one night a week (mine was Friday) where you’re not allowed to do anything remotely school related, your sanity will thank you. Lastly enjoy it! This may very well be the last time you’re ever in a classroom and trust me when I say it flies by. Good luck, y’all are going to do amazing.