Ok so PA school… Before starting school I had heard all the horror stories of PA school, but how could something possibly be THAT hard.  That phrase people say relating PA school to drinking out of a fire hydrant suddenly started to make sense.  It is an experience that no one else will understand aside from the 37 other classmates going through it with you. There is no way to possibly prepare for the first 12 months of PA school.  It was the hardest thing physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually I have ever experienced.  Having someone else waiting at home for me made this journey different than some of my other classmates. Some advice I have for future married students is to spend at least an hour a day doing something together.  There were days I was at the Francis center for over 12 hours studying. Fortunately, I had a great husband that could come and bring me dinner so we could eat together while I took a break from studying.  During the week I was able to spare enough time to watch TV with my husband, and when school lightened up a little we started venturing out of Burlington to explore the east coast. It was hard and he was alone a lot the first 6 months, but it went by so fast and we got through it.  To be honest, if you haven’t cried at least once then you are doing it wrong.  There were so many times during which I felt inadequate to be a PA and that the workload and knowledge was too much to handle, but every once in a while it would all come together. Those times of understanding made the past excruciating 12 months worth it.  Just keep pushing through and don’t give up. I have met some incredible people and made some life long friends.  In the end everything worked out and I survived.