Hey guys, welcome to the wonderful world of PA school. I am confident that my classmates will have some amazing advice about how to study, managing all the seemingly impossible exams and keeping your head above water when the tide begins to rise. So I decided I would go a different direction with my blog. I just want to pass along some advice that kept me sane for the past year. When people told me to keep my priorities straight while in PA school, I thought to myself “well of course.” I have managed multiple commitments in the past while keeping a balanced life and believe I do this well. PA school was a whole new ball game. During the intense modules I would laugh at my friends who invited me to partake in weekend activities, trying to explain that I didn’t have time to relax. Quickly I realized the importance of saying “yes” to more than just powerpoint presentations. I will never regret the memories made waltzing in Saxapahaw, Taco Tuesdaying at Burrito Loco, floating the Neuse river in Raleigh, volunteering with the kids at my church or spending the day splashing in our backyard blow up pool. I hope you know that I studied A LOT which is absolutely imperative to excel in this chapter of life, but I encourage you not to be scared to have some fun along the way. Yes, this next year will be more strenuous than you could possibly imagine… BUT yes, it is also possible to have a life outside of the Francis Center. Get involved in some part of the community, walk outside after a long day of class to enjoy the sunshine, and among all the school work remember to say “yes” to the activities that may seem undoable. Lastly, let me know when you take time off to do fun things because I will be looking for adventures in Btown (yes, I am referring to Burlington) whenever I am back for a rotation.