I got married on May 21st after 5 months of PA school during our AAPA break. I think everyone thought I was crazy. I maybe even though I was a little crazy myself, but I knew it was the best decision for me to go ahead and get married vs. waiting until we graduated. My “now” husband and I got engaged on July 4th leaving us exactly 6 months before the start date of PA school to plan the wedding as much as we could. We were so blessed to have a house my family owned that we could live in; however, it needed a lot of work done to it before we could consider living in it. So, it was an extremely busy 6 months as we planned a wedding and fixed our house. We painted all the walls and ceilings, redid the flooring in the house, had a deck built, and so much more. I thought I was going to hate the January start date that Elon had because I didn’t want to take that much time off school since I graduated the previous May. I loved Elon so I just decided I would “suffer” through the waiting period before I started PA school, BUT it was the best thing for me at that time and I loved the time off. If I had not had that extra time between graduation and PA school, there is no way I would have been able to get everything done. By the time I started PA school, I really had most of the wedding planning and all of the house-fixing done. So, planning my wedding during PA school really was not stressful to me at all. It didn’t seem so crazy anymore.

If there is something you want to do during PA school, my advice would be to do it! PA school is really tough and takes so much time and dedication, but you have to make sure that you find a way to continue your life while in PA school. It has to be a priority, of course, but PA school is not about quitting your life for 27 months. It is about reorganizing your life around PA school. All of my classmates were supportive and encouraging, which was extremely helpful. You are all going through PA school together, so it makes it easier to help each other! We had several groups in class that would work together on study guides and outlines for tests and quizzes. We would all take turns making the study guide and share it with everyone else in the group. I would recommend doing this to ANYONE going through PA school because it made it so much easier and less time consuming, and I mean A LOT less time consuming. I also had an amazing fiancé who took care of setting up everything we needed in our new house before I moved in. He has been so supportive even after we got married and really helped me with everything I had to do.

I am so glad I went ahead and got married instead of waiting until the end of PA school. It has actually been easier for me and less stressful. It’s not just about being married. My point is that if there is something you want to do, don’t feel like you need to wait until after PA school. Make sure you keep time for yourself and find a way to make your life and PA school come together.