It’s two days before finals week… and I’m about to board a flight to New Jersey, so that I can attend my sister’s baby shower!  It might seem a little crazy that I’m going away this weekend and not studying every possible second, but one of the things I discovered about PA school is that no matter how busy we are, we can always make time for the things that matter the most to us.  Whether it’s being with family, celebrating with friends, or just being at home and watching Netflix, PA school is what we make of it.  This year has been full of ups and downs, but mostly ups 🙂 I’ve made countless memories here, most of which were spending time with classmates who became best friends, and, of course, my roommate who is one of the most genuine people I’ve met.  So many nights we all stayed up joking, laughing, and chatting about our ambitions in life.  No matter how different I thought the 38 of us were in the beginning, I quickly learned that we’re all the same, and that we will always be there for one another.