For me, the key to success for the first year of PA school is to make sure to remember to take some time for yourself whenever you can. It can get overwhelming at times but you will get through it and all of us writing to you is proof of that. My version of taking time for myself and letting off some steam was to (almost) always find time to exercise or do something active. Whether that means taking a 30-minute break from studying to go on a run around Elon’s beautiful campus, walking on your breaks between class, going to yoga to de-stress, or playing intramurals with your classmates, it was always worth it. Even at those times when you’re so stressed about the test tomorrow and feel like you can’t even take a little bit of time to do it, try to get yourself to do it. It’s so helpful in clearing your head and relieving stress and always a well-deserved study break!

-Caroline R.