Hey everybody! Long time no write. Man this month flew by!

We had Spring Break the last week of March which was great. We scattered all over the States for the week and took a much needed brain break. Then we were back at it and into the fray.

While our classes go fast, and there is a LOT of information, our professors are amazing at keeping our energy and moral up. There have been several days (5+) where we’ve shown up in the morning, facing another day full of tests and/or lecture, to be surprised with a plethora of donuts, biscuits, fruit, and other fun snacks. That never fails to get us all smiling. (The best was when we were all munching on some scrumptious donuts during a lecture on diabetes 🙂

The professors can be very flexible about some things as well. Obviously exams are non-negotiable, but with some of the smaller stuff they work with us. When we had a week with several tests one professor pushed back the due date for a written assignment. When we had a day with only one class, that professor moved the class to an empty time slot the day before so we had a day with NO class! Another professor made time available outside of class for some review sessions. These are just a few examples of how hard they faculty work to help support and uplift us.

I REALLY enjoy our pharmacology class. While the plethora of information can sometimes be dry and the names of drugs seem to be randomly placed letters, our professor works hard to make it engaging. She has set the stage for us to be travelers in a place called Pharm-alot and throughout the module has introduced games and adventures to help us better understand and remember the different drugs. Some of those include a Pharm version of catch phrase and even a human version of Candyland (except it was called Pharmalot Land). She had huge foam puzzle pieces on the ground in the rainbow pattern and the Candyland cards to decide where you could move to IF you got the pharmacology question right. Pharmalot Land was a lot of fun, especially since we got to play it outside in the beautiful weather, and we learned a lot.

Something we look forward to every month is our dress down day. We have the opportunity to wear business casual every day, but one day a month we get to wear more comfy clothes. We decide as a class which day we want to dress down and it usually ends up being a test day. Some of the faculty even participate!

PA school is not a walk in the park but with great faculty and an amazing class we find ways to stay sane, have fun, and learn.

So that’s all for now. I’ll tell you all about the anatomy lab and the AWESOME stuff we get to do there in my next post.