Yay body painting! So Dr. Cynthia Bennett is a HUGE fan of body painting as a teaching/learning tool. She has made a true believer out of all of us as well. We had an intro to body painting at the end of January where each lab group picked a random part of the body from a list she provided and we painted it on one of our members. The paint is specifically made to be used on the body, although it can stain clothes (which is one of the reasons we get to dress down). We chose to do the knee and the ligaments of the knee. You can see some of the pictures at the bottom.

We just had our first practical exam in the donor lab today and so yesterday we had another body painting day. This one was more focused on what we were learning (head and neck as you might be able to tell from the pictures:). We were able to paint some arteries, veins, nerves, muscles, bones and more. We even had a marvelous professional body painter come in and give us some hints on technique and execution. I was able to get a lot more pictures this time and hope you get a glimpse of what an amazing experience it was!

I’m not going to lie, the first time we painted it was an interesting experience, but I wasn’t quite sold on the idea. I am not very artistic and didn’t really think it would help me personally. I was so WRONG! I REALLY enjoyed our second body painting session. It helped that I had extensively studied and had a vested interest in the subject matter. It was a great way to translate what we were learning onto a living human body and see how the structures correlated with one another and moved. At the end each group presents to the class what they painted and gave some more information about the structures (origins and insertions if it was a muscle, stuff nerves innervated, etc.). This presentation aspect was another good way to internalize what we had learned while painting and to learn more about what other people had done.