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We had made it through pulmonary, conquered Cardio. Now only 2 weeks of GI stood in our way to the much anticipated ‘spring break’. Every day felt like a countdown and by the Friday before break you could feel the energy of the students buzzing in the classroom- freedom was in our vicinity. It was a rough Friday- a GI final and an anatomy practical back to back– but you could feel it in the air- a sense of giddy excitement- as students handed in their final test and parted ways for the much deserved school break.
PA school has its ups and downs and the work-load does not cease, but its weeks like the one I just had that puts into perspective why I am here in the first place. PA school is not only learning about what it takes to become a refined and compassionate clinician, but also what it takes to balance the everyday nuisances that will inevitably infiltrate our lives when we enter the professional world. A key aspect of this balance is taking time to relax, rejuvenate, and spend time surrounding oneself with all the positive people and aspects of one’s life. And thus begins Spring Break!!!!
Our vacation started on Monday. After a 12 and half hour road trip and one flat tire, we (6 PA students and 2 friends) arrived in Marco Island, Florida!!!! A sleepy yet beautiful island off the coast of Southwest Florida, we were greeted with 90 degree weather and crystal clear waters. Days consisted of eggs and bacon on the patio while watching dolphins swim, morning bike rides, shelling, beach walks and ocean swims as well as some competitive beach volleyball. Nights consisted of family style dinners and the endless laughter of overly competitive board games. It was truly paradise.
On the final day, we rented a boat and drove about 20 miles south to a boat up island known for its friendly atmosphere and beautiful beaches. A few distress calls from the boating company later (turns out our captaining & navigating skills are not the best) we made it the island and enjoyed a day of boat jumping, water games and lunch with an unbeatable view.
As I write this blog, I’m currently on hour 5 of the drive back. It was an amazing experience with amazing friends and I know I can speak for all of us when I say I never thought I would make such genuine friends in such a short amount of time let alone friends I’d be willing to spend 12 hours in a car with! I am sad vacation is over but its time to get back to the rest of our PA school family and continue on this crazy journey that only those in PA school can truly understand.

Jackie Kocot PA-S1