White Coat

The time has come and the year has changed. 2014. The year we’ve been waiting for. Clinic rotations, patient responsibilities, and AAPA’s imPAct convention in BOSTON! There is so much to look forward to that 2014 is bound to be one for the ages.

White Coat
Friday December 13, 2013. Whoever says Friday the 13th is unlucky never went to PA school at Elon. Our White Coat ceremony is one we will never forget. White Coat, the official ceremony that signifies the transition from didactic to clinical year, was bittersweet. It was great to have all of our friends, family, faculty and even a few Elon and community VIPs join us for the big day. We have all grown together as a family throughout the past year and now we venture into the real world to work on real patients with real problems.

Rotation 1
So we are all 1 week into our first rotation now.  So far there have been no casualties that I have heard of, so I guess our profs did a pretty good job teaching us last year. Now is the time that everyone’s hard work pays off and we really learn and grow as clinicians. Working with our patients is a privilege. We took an oath at our White Coat Ceremony to always protect our patients, ourselves, and our profession. So far I think we’ve all managed to keep those vows.
As a class, we are scattered throughout NC from the mountains to the coast; from the borders of VA to the state lines of SC. Each person will have their unforgettable moments (and even those that I’m sure we’d like to forget). Only 14.75 more months of clinic until GRADUATION. Its going to flyyyy by.

As with every New Year, there are new changes too. On Jan. 6th we welcomed the 2nd class of PA students to campus, the Class of 2016! Soon they will be taking over the reigns we have tried to handle thoughout the past year. We wish them the best of luck in the upcoming year. Maybe we’ll soon get them to take over the PA Blog as well. Until then, enjoy 2014 and make it a year that counts! Don’t let it just be another year. ‘Carpe diem.’

Dan PA-S2