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 We can all take little sighs of relief now. There comes a time every few weeks where all the tests seem to coincide. Now that it’s all over, we can take a little extra time for ourselves. This week, we are learning about dermatology. It is a week long course that is completely self-study. This is the first time that we’ve had a self-study course and it is definitely a nice change. Not having to come into the Francis Center at scheduled times means I’m free to study as I please. At the end of the week, we will all come in for a question-and-answer session with a local dermatology PA.

Schedule free days like this week, remind me of the days before PA school. It was a time where we were looking forward to starting school and wishing time would move a little faster. We just had a little too many free days.  We were all told to enjoy our freedom because we would be in for a long journey come January. Then when school started and came at full force, we all yearned for pre-PA days. We just needed some time to breathe, watch TV, see friends and of course, sleep.

PA school is definitely not an end-all to a normal life. In previous posts by my peers, they stressed the importance of having supportive friends and time pursuing hobbies and interests. For me, I really enjoy learning new things. I’ve taken on some new sports into my exercise routine and even had a glimpse into the film world. Last week, amidst all the tests and studying, our class was assigned a project on patient education regarding an assigned medication. We were told be creative. Creative can mean a lot of things, so I just threw out an idea of a commercial. My group members weren’t so eager to pursue this at first as none of us had any previous technical experience. After a few days to think about it, we decided to continue forth with the commercial. We essentially had three days to complete the project and it turned out be a lot more work than I intended. Who knew it took HOURS to film and edit a TWO-minute commercial? In the end, I was really proud of what my group accomplished, not to mention the fun moments along the way.

The PA school experience is what you make of it. There will be lots of times you just want to want to hit pause, fast forward, or rewind to easier times, but know that PA school will only happen once.

Kim Trinh PA-S