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College Coffee has been an Elon tradition since 1984. It is a campus-wide event held every Tuesday morning in order to bring the Elon community together over complimentary drinks and breakfast. Faculty, students, and staff gather during the class-free 40 minute timeframe to enjoy each other’s company in a casual atmosphere over a cup of coffee and a bagel or donut (depending on the menu). As a former Elon undergrad, College Coffee has always been special to me. I was very excited that our class had the opportunity to represent our program and future profession at a tradition so near and dear to my heart.

In honor of PA week, our class hosted a table at this week’s College Coffee. Decked out in our PA shirts, we braved the cool air of fall and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and sprinkled donut or two. To our surprise, we even had the support of our fellow Francis Center peers as the first year PT class joined us at College Coffee. They were very excited to get out of class! Candy in hand, we set out to answer any questions the undergrads had about the program or the PA profession in general. In order to receive a piece of candy, we had students answer PA or medically-related questions correctly. A few students did not know what Physician Assistants do, so it was nice to educate them about our field. We handed out a few brochures and posed for a lot of pictures! It was nice to finally connect with the undergraduate campus and put a face to the great name that the Elon PA program is creating for itself.

Sara Dennin PA-S