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Riley  matt

It’s October 2013 and in the immortal words of House Stark, “Winter is Coming”. After spending the first 22 years of my life in south Louisiana, I was vastly unprepared for the, what I consider, frigid temperatures of North Carolina.

Well you may be saying to yourself right now, “Hey Matt, if you’re such a wimp during the winter months, why would you go to PA school in North Carolina?” Well the truth is, I almost didn’t.

If you remember nothing from this blog post, remember this…Do Not Give Up On the Waitlist. Unlike the majority of my classmates, I was initially put on the waitlist after my interview in March of 2012. It wasn’t until almost 10 months later, on December 18 at 8:07am, that I received a call from Graduate Admissions letting me know that there was a vacancy in the class. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. I had approximately 3 weeks to get my stuff together and move to North Carolina (aka: my Great White North).

Fast forward to mid January 2013, amidst the hustle and bustle of the first weeks of school, my classmates are somewhat disappointed that I’m not the “good ole’ Cajun boy” they have come to love via Swamp People and Duck Dynasty. My lack of a significant accent as well as my good hygiene practices initially surprised them.

Now as a male, the majority of my close friends have been male. In fact, I have had the same group of 5 friends since I was in kindergarten. Once accepted into Elon PA, I knew I would be in class with mostly women but oh how I was unprepared for the estrogen storm that had my name on it. However, our class has become very close over the past 10 months and we can do anything together.

In general, I live in constant state of stress. Again, you may be thinking, “Hey Matt, with that heavy school load, you must not have time for anything else, right?” Au contraire, I thought it was a good idea to buy an 8-week-old female Golden Retriever. I named her Riley and I love her but boy is she a pain in the butt. However, I know that putting the time in now as a puppy will make her that much better as an adult. If that wasn’t enough, I decided to move. My apartment was feeling a bit crowded and I moved into a larger townhome with a backyard that includes a park with 10 consecutive soccer fields. Win.

As it is national PA week, I witnessed our women’s flag football team win an intramural championship last night. After a heavy defensive battle against campus recreation, the girls managed to pull it out. In addition, the co-ed tennis team plays in the intramural championships tonight as well. I know what you’re thinking, “Brains and Brawn?!”.


Also this week, the PA class had the privilege of serving with Allied Churches of Alamance County to provide a meal for our fellow citizens. It really helped to solidify why we are pursuing careers as physician assistants, helping others in need. I know my classmates and I look forward to the day where we can provide quality medical care as licensed Physician Assistants, but until that day, we are cherishing our time at Elon as PA students.

– Matt PA-S