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arezu football

In PA school, you have to learn how to make time to have fun and let loose. One way our class does this is by taking part in intramural sports. We’ve played in a variety of sports, but we have finally found our calling in flag football. The women’s flag football team also known as “The Palpators” have surprised everyone, including the players on the team with a regular season record of 4-1. We have made Elon PA school history with that record, too! Now we are headed to the playoffs to win those championship T-shirts. The twice-weekly games have made September fly by and it has been so nice to look forward to something fun every Tuesday and Thursday night. Our team consists of 12 girls including a fabulous coach who demands the best from us. Jaclyn really wanted to play flag football so she persuaded a lot of us into playing. Fortunately for Jaclyn, everyone can agree it has been so much fun and a great de-stressor. I think all the stress from school is one of the reasons why we win because we take a lot of the pent up aggression out on the other teams. We are really invested, too, arriving at games 30 minutes before they start to warm-up and talk game plan. And since we began playing during ObGyn, we have plays we named after ObGyn-related things.

Teamwork is something we are constantly being reminded of in PA school and what we have been working on during these last 9 months because it is an important part of our profession. Our teamwork on and off the field is what makes us a family here at Elon as well. We are lucky, too, because we also happen to be the only team in the flag football league that actually has a “Team Mom” who brings us snacks and a whole sideline full of family, classmates, and professors who come by to cheer us on. It’s rare to have such a tight bond with classmates and professors but it’s one of the reasons why I love it here.

Arezu Shekari PA-S