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jamie air force

When I received the call from Elon that I had a place in their program, I can remember the excitement and joy I felt. I was on my way to fulfilling my dreams of being a Physician Assistant. But I had no idea how I was going to pay for school. I certainly never thought I would be in PA school on a military scholarship!

It was a casual, post-interview, conversation with another Elon candidate that opened my eyes to the possibility of having the military pay for my school in return for years of service as a PA. I think the option must have agreed with my adventurous, gutsy side because I went home and wrote in my journal that night: “I know how I’m paying for PA school; I’m going to be in the Air Force!”

On February 14th 2013, I was commissioned into the United States Air Force in the Gerald Francis Center on Elon’s Campus with my family and classmates in attendance. Since then, the majority of my time is richly engrossed in lecture material and my direct contact with the Air Force is minimal. After graduation, I will participate in the 5 weeks of commissioned officer training before beginning my career as a PA in the USAF and working wherever I am stationed.

Joining the military as a PA student is a perfect fit for me because I know that the USAF will grant me the opportunity to grow in the medical profession and as an individual. I am grateful for how Elon’s PA program is preparing me  academically and clinically, as well as accommodating my interest in doing a rotation on a military base to prepare me for my postgraduate career.

Jamie Seals PA-S