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One of the most exciting moments of my life happened this year while I’ve been in PA school. I got engaged! It was such an exciting time and I loved being able to share it with my “PA family”. I have never been happier and my friends (and even the faculty) have made it all the more exciting with their congratulations and well wishes.

The proposal took place at the fountain in front of the Gerald Francis Center. My fiancé threw a penny in and wished that I would say yes before getting down on one knee (yes, it was pretty cute!). Honestly, it was a great place to propose because I was not expecting it at all and also because it is a place that has been so important in my growth into my future career as a PA. I really don’t know how I would have even made it this far in PA school without my fiancé. He has been the greatest support system. Having supportive loved ones is SO important in PA school because *spoiler alert* PA school is really hard!

I am so thankful that my fiancé has been my biggest supporter. When I get frustrated or stressed he is always there to tell me I can do it or simply just let me vent. He doesn’t get upset when I am too busy to talk because of school. Most importantly, he always encourages me to follow this dream. Even though it means 27 more months of long distance, after we had already done 2.5 years of distance. I wasn’t excited about being 4 hours away from him, but we both knew how important this was and how perfect Elon was going to be for me.

So my advice to any future PA students: go into PA school with a strong support system. These will be some tough years and you are going to be stressed and pushed to your limits but if you surround yourself with supportive, understanding, and encouraging people you will be wearing that white coat in no time.

Darcy Paulus PA-S